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Research and Development


Our products are used in many different high technology applications. Some examples are III/V or II/VI-semiconductor devices, optical fibers, catalysts for chemical processes, infrared optics, materials for molecular beam epitaxy and shielding of neutrons in nuclear technology.

Production of 7N quality metals is technologically challenging but such purity is necessary to achieve the required physical properties of electronic and optoelectronic devices.

Among our customers we are known as a reliable supplier of the highest quality products. To ensure our ability to handle the increasing standards related to higher quality and lower cost we are constantly working on the optimization of our processes as well as trying to improve existing products and delveop new ones.

PPM Pure Metals is a flexible service provider in the field of high purity metals (5N to 7N) and their inorganic compounds (e.g. Hydroxides, Oxides, Chlorides, Sulfates and Sulfides). If you have any requirements not covered by our standard specifications please feel free to ask our Research and Development department. We are pleased to offer technical solutions!

Are you interested in high purity metals or compounds that are actually not listed in our product portfolio? Please ask us!

Benefit from our decades of experience in purifying metals.