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Protection of Environment


Our plants in Langelsheim-Astfeld and Osterwieck both work under the safety requirements of 12. BImSchV (12. German Federal Immission Control Ordinance).

This safety report describes the measures that have been taken to avoid accidents and to limit the impact of hazardous materials incidents. These procedures are carried out according the so-called PAAG process and they have become part of PPM’s safety management system.

The safety report also contains an emergency plan, which is coordinated with the relevant public authorities.

Our production facilities and associated waste water treatment plants are permitted according to the BImSchG (German Federal Immission Control Act) and the WHG (German Federal Water Act) respectively. These permits regulate the allowed immision values and the details of monitoring these immissions.

Waste gases and other effluents from the production facilities are treated by our waste water plant, sometimes after a specific pre-treatment.