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The production and refining of high purity metals and corresponding compounds has a very long tradition at PPM.

PPM had it’s origin at the historic smelter site named “Herzog Juliushütte”. This smelter started processing the Lead and Zink in 1575 from the mines of the surrounding area which are closed down today.

Being an operating site of Preussag AG in its early days we were established as a legal entity January 1, 1986. Since January 1, 1988 we are part of the Recylex S.A. (formerly Metaleurop S.A.) which was created by the merger of the non-ferrous metallurgical operations of Peñarroya S.A. and Preussag AG.

Our modern processes and high purity products which are offered mainly to the electronics and opto-electronics industries have changed an old smelting site into a modern production facility.